ATTAX - Your Fastenic® Solution

As a FIXOLOGY® specialist, the control of the stress is the answer of our expertise to develop products combining simple utilization, safety and economy.

CHAMOT - Your Mechanism System

Specialized in Mechanism systems with an high competence in screw-cutting, we provide the highest level of customer service.

SPR - Your Spring System

Specialized in Precision Metal stamping system, multislide stamping system and Wire Spring system, our company is a global partner able to develop the best design adapted to the function needed

Tech Industries - Your Module System

Specialized in Module Assembling with an high competence in precision sheet metal fabrication, we provide the highest level of customer service.


The GROUPE TECH INDUSTRIES, at your listening, proposes adapted solutions to all  mechanical sector. Working for all major industries, we have the knowledge and the competencies to produce alive your projects. By developing an high level investments policy, we are at your full disposal for any subject you would like to submit.


EN 9100 certified

Tech Industries is an EN 9100:2009 and ISO 9001:2008 certified organisation

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